Just a very quick review of where we are with The Peoples Countryside project because there is loads happening.

We filmed the first 2 scenes of our show focusing on the old Wycombe Railway on July 28th, highlighting how nature is reclaiming it. Filming took place in Brasenose Driftway in Cowley and also at The Horspath Conservation Area. Editing is happening now on those films, together with editing of some out-take films, including some unseen out-take footage of the Science Fiction episode of The Peoples Countryside. Keep an eye on our YouTube Channel for new releases very soon. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl5Mo4k8ezK6HlZhAHfkjIw/featured?view_as=subscriber

We also did a photoshoot in and around the old track bed that runs through Horspath, on August 17th. This is the start of our photographic archive we will begin to make public, so future conservationists can make educated decisions going forward regarding how to protect nature in and around the areas we visit.

Since our last blog we have released 2 new  episodes of The Peoples Countryside Podcasts. On these podcasts we debate 3 tough environmental questions we all face per episode. We are actively looking at new platforms to host and distribute these podcasts on, and exploring partners to align with us to help fund that role out.

Episode 2 with our guest Martin Gibson https://soundcloud.com/peoplescountrysidepodcast/the-peoples-countryside-podcast-episode-2

Episode 3 with our guest David Mulholland https://soundcloud.com/peoplescountrysidepodcast/the-peoples-countryside-podcast-episode-3

The idea is to develop the podcast format into a live event on the stage, involving a live audience, called The Peoples Countryside Live and Unscripted. We are working on a photographic exhibition to happen at these Live and Unscripted’s. We are putting together 18 images  using images and words that to us depict mans impact on the environment over the centuries. Designed to ignite debate, we are excited to make these images public when they are complete.

We are planning on having big name guests to appear on the podcasts and on the stage. Names in the post are Jeremy Irons, Bill Bailey, John Lydon and Brian May. THINK BIG!

Finally, our website. Its receiving a revamp to reflect the direction we are moving in. Like all things, the website is a work in progress and ever evolving.

Thanks for being with us.

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