Main Presenter, Audio Editing, Speaker, Facilitator, Researcher 

Stuart ‘The Wildman’ Mabbutt is a well-known personality in the conservation world. 

He’s a consultant, writer, workshop facilitator, speaker, radio show and podcast host and producer, and film documentary presenter.


William Mankelow – Photograher, Presenter, Editor, Speaker, Facilitator, Researcher

William is a photographer who has a keen eye for different angles and is always looking to take that alternative shot, hence how he came up with the name Shot @ an Angle. The perfect description of his photography.

Sue Sormaz – Research and Marketing 

Helping people to fulfil their potential in life is a core motivation for her so she often finds herself at the start of new projects, researching, planning and marketing.

With a deep interest in people, the environment and being creative, she has helped support Stuart from the beginning of his ‘Wildman’ days with diversifying his talents and business.

By instilling confidence in his vision and encouragement to follow his dreams, they have worked together to develop aspects of his magazine writing, radio work, sensory workshops, countryside retreats and now ‘The People’s Countryside’…

It has been an interesting journey and Sue is always fascinated at the next chapter in Stuart’s life – he really is someone with a purpose as well as a dream to bring nature and people together to really know and experience the living connection between us because we can’t survive without each other…

Let’s all be aware that we are living beings that thrive in each other’s company and also live, breathe and enjoy wildlife and nature. Nature gives us so many things, it reminds us of who we really are – a peaceful being.

Maybe that’s why Sue loves nature so much because it acts as a mirror for how she wants to live her life….in peace and harmony and with love and beauty…

Ross Arrowsmith – Videography

 Ross trained in creative media, now working as a freelance camera operator and video editor. After working for That’s Oxfordshire TV, the local TV channel Ross began working on areas of original programming, and after working with Stuart to produce some promotional films for his business, the People’s Countryside was born.

Ross produces a food and drink show called the Cotswold Explorer and a business show, with other programmes coming throughout the year. His main business is Arrow Productions, set up as a production company that makes promotional videos for small businesses, events, conferences and even weddings.

He is behind the technical production of the show, from camera work to post production. Ross aspires to make films and uses TV production as a means to gain technical and creative experience. He is one of the main team members of the Endless Day Productions YouTube channel, which is a group of creative film makers producing short films and web shows.

Alice Boyd – Theme Music Composition

Alice Boyd has composed the main title theme tune for the People’s Countryside.

She has written music both for herself and for Oxford-based plays, including Garden at the North Wall Arts Centre, Jealous of Herself at the Keble O’Reilly, and Much Ado About Nothing at The Pilch. She has done a number of gigs in Oxford, at venues including The Varsity Club, Frevds, The Mad Hatter, The Handlebar and G&D’s Cowley. 

Lewis Sumner – Extra Videography

 Creativity is his forte, with his passion belonging to everything media, including videography, photography and design. He started making videos as a child friends, always taking pictures and coming up with weird and wonderful ideas.

Then he started taking his ideas and adapting them to business, and found himself working alongside Ross Arrowsmith at Arrow Productions.

Worked on the pilot episode of the People’s Countryside in 2016 and will be a production assistant on the show as and when required.