Hi, been a while since we posted here!

William and Stuart are doing a sponsored challenge tomorrow and wondered if you’d sponsor them a couple of quid?

William Mankelow and Stuart will be embarking on the challenge together and they will be walking along the 11 miles from Reading to Goring on the River Thames Path. The objective is to prepare William to be Stuart’s support chaperone on his potential research trips to Canada, East Africa, Ecuador and Tibet. Stuart’s health is a major challenge so he needs an experienced chaperone to work alongside during these trips and wider work.

The potential research trips and this challenge will make William’s and Stuart’s collaborative environmental work even more impactful as it will allow them to speak from personal experience and a deepening understanding of each other.

This challenge will also help develop William and Stuart’s wider working partnership and there will be another preparatory challenge in the form of a trip down to Devon and Cornwall in October 2019 where they will continue building the bond and collaboration through a series of radio shows and podcasts etc.

They are raising funds to help with the Devon and Cornwall trip, first aid training and also some of the kit for the international travel.

Please see attached the sponsorship form, if you’d like to support them with a couple of pounds, let us know via [email protected] 

Many thanks for your support and interest in our work.

Many thanks