We talked regularly about launching a kickstarter campaign to get William over to Guernsey for an exploratory trip in late September ready for a three man visit in 2018. In the end we didn’t press the launch button due to a number of factors.

One – Accommodation – Camping was explored, but most sites on Guernsey close in early September. We did try all avenues to try and pitch a tent somewhere else, but nowhere appropriate was found for William. As there was only a short space of time between the end of the campaign and the trip, hotel and bed and breakfast accommodation was very expensive due to being a last minute arrangement. We didn’t want to spend too much of your funds that you’d have donated on accommodation, we wanted to spend it wisely in other ways.

Two – Sourcing projects worthy of coverage had not been fully clarified.

Three – Final arrangements with Jubilee Hospital Radio, our hosts had not come through.

So we immediately realigned our sights utilising all we have learned on our journey to bring our next campaign to Oxfordshire, local to us, and then revisit the Guernsey idea in 2018. We are in the process of selecting the venue in Oxfordshire where our next project will happen and our aim is to run a crowdfunding campaign in November, do the filming and photography and recording in January, and release the material in February.

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