We had been planning the past several weeks for William to make a trip over to Guernsey by himself to photograph the state of nature and present some radio shows on Jubilee Hospital Radio about the nature on the island. Unfortunately we were unable to find relevant projects to provide exposure to and were unable to finalise some of the logistics, so we decided to refocus our attention on Oxfordshire. Revisiting the Guernsey idea in 2018.

Stuart, William and Ross are all local to Oxford and so working on home territory has made some aspects of planning the next funding campaign easier. For example, travel and accommodation costs are considerably lower or nonexistent, and we already have a lot of contacts here.

We are currently in talks with The Friends of Holywell Cemetery about filming an episode of the People’s Countryside TV/Online show, and photographing the state of nature there. On the show we would be discussing the nature there, the conservation work that needs doing which William would experience and give them the opportunity to ask for the help that they need. Finally we will showcase the benefits the help will assist with going forward. We are scheduled to visit them on the 4th October so we can really dig down into the work that they do and find out how this project can benefit them effectively.

The cemetery was established in 1847 when Merton College made some of its land available. Kenneth Graham, the author if Wind in the Willows is buried at Holywell Cemetery. The botanist and Mayor of Oxford George Claridge Druce is buried there also.

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