We are all set to film the first 2 scenes of The Peoples Countryside next documentary focusing on the old Wycombe Railway, even though we didn’t reach our target in our crowdfunding campaign that you supported. We will cover the cost of the first few scenes ourselves and then take that to try and generate corporate funding to film the remaining scenes.

We are aiming to film the first scenes on either July 11th or 12th.

We already have an Oxford University department keen on aligning themselves with us, so momentum is still obvious.

Check out this outtake film just released https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-gWufMsUvc, plenty more outtakes likely when we recommence filming.

Before that we are launching The Peoples Countryside Podcast by recording the first on July 3rd with a guest from the Oxford Mail. The aim is to discuss 3 issues effecting the environment, before taking the concept on the stage and in-front of a live audience with The Peoples Countryside Live and Unscripted.

The 3 questions for the first will be:

• How much effect do humans have on other animal’s survival? Are we causing more extinction than before?

• Is human existence always at a cost to nature and is talking about how bad the state of nature is really making a difference?

• Is eating animals bad for the environment?

The Podcast will be available through our website or via Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/peoplescountrysidepodcast

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