Many businesses and projects are traditionally funded by grant schemes, sponsorship, donations or some kind of advertising. Crowdfunding has grown in popularity over the years, to the point where it is not unheard of, yet hasn’t taken off to the point of saturation.

From our experience so far, we have found that for pretty much every person saying crowdfunding is a bad idea, there are people saying it is the best way forward. People are slowly starting to become educated in the nature of this route of funding.

Some people have previously misinterpreted it and thought we were asking the projects we give exposure to raise the amount needed to complete the project. This is not the case. The idea with crowdfunding is to take smaller amounts of money from a larger amount of people.

Not only does it give us the money required, it builds a crowd of people who can watch, interact and play a role in the project, and it gives us market validation to businesses to show it is a project worthy of sponsorship or advertising.

We hope that not only are we helping the projects we run crowdfunding trips for, but also that people are educated and understand what crowdfunding is all about.

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