Having had nearly a month to digest what comes next after we didn’t reach our Kickstarter crowdfunding goal, our Plan B is to continue on the momentum gathered. Its been a couple of weeks since we posted so thought it was time for a progress report.

Our plan is to film the first 2 scenes of our next film, about the old Wycombe Railway line, and its significance to wildlife conservation locally and nationally. Then take that initial footage to the business world as we start to build corporate partners who will stand by our side as we develop new funding streams.

We are also planning a brand new The Peoples Countryside Podcast series, and take that on the road and to a live audience with The Peoples Countryside Live and Unscripted.

This coming Thursday, May 31st, we will be recording the intro and outro for those podcasts. So we are still beavering away behind the scenes.

Thanks as always for being with us.

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