For the last few months we’ve been working on getting a three person team over to Guernsey at the end of September 2017, do to a live radio, filming and photography trip, to give nature a voice. Our plan is to launch a crowdfunding campaign on August 9th, that runs for thirty days and we make that trip at the end of September.

At this point, we don’t feel we have enough interviewees, content or a big enough crowd to fund the trip, so we have decided to realign our sights. William Mankelow, the photographer in the team has been tasked with going over to Guernsey at the end of September as planned by himself, to do an exploratory trip in readiness for a full team visit in 2018.

While on the island, he will work in partnership with Jubilee Hospital Radio to produce four live one hour radio shows about the nature on the island and further afield, as well as going out and about to record some extra audio for his live shows. He will take the opportunity to then meet and build relationships with people working in nature trying to make a difference who would benefit from accessing our platforms and be able to ask our listeners, viewers and followers for whatever help they need. This builds connections ready for a three man team in 2018 to pay a visit.

While on the island William will also build a photographic archive of the state of nature currently that can be used by generations of conservationists to come so they can make informed decisions about how to manage the wildlife on the island going forward.  The rest of the team will give support from the mainland during the visit in the form of audio editing of what William records, ready for transmission live on the radio.

Also, it gives the opportunity for Stuart to train William to be a replacement radio host in the event he has a bad day with his rheumatoid arthritis. Our team learning from each other and supporting each other makes us stronger as a unit.

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