Recently The People’s Countryside team have been exploring doing some filming on the old Kennington to Wycombe railway line. That is disused from the BMW car plant in Cowley towards Wycombe. But it is still in use from Kennington to Cowley. It was originally used by stopping train services or as a diversion route. But we want to explore how nature is trying to reclaim the part of the railway line that is still in use that we may not notice and walk past on a daily basis.

This observation type is a good way for helping to de-stress commuters by making them tune in to the environment around them.

We also then want to explore the disused part of the railway line especially the old tunnels in Horspath village that has been colonised by bats. This idea could lead us to do many more shows about the disused railway lines in Britain and we will use those old lines as navigation routes to meet people who are working out in nature who can use our shows as a platform for asking you the viewers for the help they need.

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