To extend our existing work we have started producing a documentary TV and online show about the people who live, work and enjoy the countryside. Connecting them with viewers who may be able to help in their work and raise awareness for the environment, wildlife and green spaces.

Crowdfunding is a very different business model to many other funding streams, and we are looking at backers who want to see this project succeed and grow, without seeing a quick return themselves.

Although culture of pledging on Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns like ours is done so to support a fledgling project getting off the ground without giving the pledger huge financial returns. We’ve still come up with some cracking rewards as a thankyou to those who pledge. Check them out on our current campaign.

Plenty of rewards available for the various levels of pledging during our fundraising campaign. Remember though, you are not pledging for the rewards necessarily, you are pledging to support our fledgling project get off the ground. The rewards are not equal to the value of the pledge, they are just a thankyou from us, the creators. Which is the crowdfunding culture. Take a look.

What will we consider to have been a successful crowdfunding campaign? To have conducted ourselves with integrity, to learn and be ready for what the future holds. We’ve taken a huge wage cut to bring you this project so help us out and pledge this evening, £647 already pledged. Thanks.

What will happen if we raise more than our target of £4000? We’ll invest those funds into the next project. Yes we already have new plans for a follow up show.

One of the next steps after our current crowdfunding campaign ends on April 29th is to build wider connections with the business community. Developing sponsorship opportunities and more importantly, collaboration.

If you are in business and interested in pledging a larger sum to our current campaign, we’d love to have you on-board. Our commitment to helping the environment through our creative work know no bounds.

The aim for our next project is not only to make the next episode of The Peoples Countryside TV/Online show, and market it to new TV stations. We plan to record material for our wildlife radio show to Going Wild with Wildlife. That audio can be re-purposed and marketed to the Hospital Radio and the Talk Newspaper movements to engage a wider audience. Pledge here on our fundraising campaign, we’ve currently raised £647 and have 17 days to raise the balance:

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