Nature has a voice, but is it always heard? 

We’re a group working to improve the state of the environment by making it’s voice heard through podcasts, photography, radio,  audio, talks, workshops and walks, writing and on the stage.

We aim to take The People’s Countryside Environmental Debate Podcast format, in front of a live audience, online and on the stage, in the form of  Environmental Debate  Live And Unscripted.  Making it experiential to imprint more deeply the learning, alongside challenging habits, assumptions and mindsets.

Giving us and the audience tangible ideas,  actions, links, connections, collaborations and pathways to a new future, leading us all forward in more sustainable ways. 

Our work is currently self funded, however ultimately we seek sponsorship, grant funding from organisations who recognise and value the importance of our work.  

Making the environment part of daily life is a key first step to wanting to protect it. 

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